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Energy won naturally

Natural energy for everyone.
Economy, ecology and social balance in energy production

Key words

  • Electricity production in harmony with nature incl. renaturation, revitalisation and fish friendly weir in every project
  • Electricity consumption quadrupled in Switzerland during the last 50 years
  • Further increase of demand of natural generated electricity
  • Many possible locations for gravitation water vortex power plants in Switzerland and abroad.
  • „Cooperative gravitation water vortex power plants Switzerland“ or third party as owners.
  • CRF-25 year energy price guarantee by federation or third party.

Renaturation, revitalisation and fish friendly weir in every project

During the last 50 years, the annual electricity consumption has quadrupled, increasing approximately 2% per year. Renewable and CO2free electricity generation allows renaturation, revitalisation and fish friendly weir. A gravitation water vortex power plant is a small river power station that can generate natural electricity at a gradient of 0.7 m and an amount of water from about 1,000 liters per second. Gravitation water vortex power plants are expected to operate for 50 to 100 years because of their innovative, simple and low-maintenance technology.

The „other“ hydro power station

The technology of a gravitation water vortex power plant differs a lot from a traditional small hydroelectric power plant. It’s based on a basin with a central drain. Above that drain, a water vortex is formed. It moves a slowly turning rotor with approximately 20 turns per minute with help of gravitation in relation to altitude difference. The rotor powers the generator which in turn produces electricity and injects it into the network. There is no backwater or high water pressure. Gravitation Water Vortex Power Plants meet the requirement of „Clean-tech“ in generating 97% of CO2free and renewable electric energy.

River renaturation and revitalisation

The simple, robust and low-maintenance technology is optimal for river revitalisation and river renaturation because of the small, modular, favourably and at ground level laid power plants (revision of water protection act „GSchG“). Gravitation Water Vortex Power Plants are small, cost-effective and offer great potential worldwide. The slowly turning rotor is ideal for the habitat of microorganisms with mutual benthos- and fish friendly weir. It also supports biodiversity and oxygen absorption of running waters and groundwater recharge.

The research and development is placed in Switzerland. As the technology provides great potential, it even can be applied in developing countries. The establishment of the cooperative allows the social business concept: Natural Energy for everyone. The business location Switzerland is strengthened by the technology’s research- and development potential in cooperation with Universities of Applied Sciences. Furthermore, new jobs are generated.

Fish friendly weir guaranteed

Fish can pass the gravitation water vortex power plant both up- and downstream without any problems because of the technology with the slowly turning rotor and the integrated adequate locks.

Partner abroad

In case of international projects and power plants, the cooperative and its partners operate as engineering partner and supplier of components of the gravitation water vortex power plants.

Members of the cooperative can be naturalized or legal persons as well as non-profit organizations.