Water vortex are natural and are part of every healthy body of water.

Respectful dealing with nature

As part of the project of creating a gravitation water vortex power plant, river renaturation is carried out right next to the installation. Being ideal for nature and people, natural electricity production becomes a win-win situation for everyone. According to ecomorphological mapping results of the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) of April 2009, 42% of Swiss running waters don’t have adequate space for watercourses. Therefore, there are 10’800 kilometers of running water and approximately 50’000 artificial obstacles (such as barrages) for revitalisation. The innovative technology of a gravitation water vortex power plant poses no danger to fish. They can pass the small power station without any difficulty, upstream as well as downstream. Furthermore, there is an aeration of the water whereby selfpurification through microorganisms is supported. Because of turbulences, the concentration of oxygen in the water increases, which has a positive impact on the water’s ecology. The interference on the landscape is also minimal due to the mainly underground construction. After suitable landscape of the surrounding area, the installation is hardly visible.