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The „Cooperative Gravitation Water Vortex Power Plants Switzerland“ set the goal to plan and build 2 to 15 gravitation water vortex power plants each year in Switzerland and abroad. In case of international projects and plant installations, the cooperative operate with its partners as engineering partner and supplier of complex equipment components.

The Federal Office for the Environment (BAFU) has defined three goals for running waters. These goals are:

  • adequate space for water courses
  • adequate water quality
  • adequate watercourses

Gravitation water vortex power plants meet these three requirements perfectly, because there is a simultaneous renaturation and revitalization in every project, including a broadening of the riverbed. Renaturation and revitalization are the goal of every project. Nevertheless, it unfortunately isn’t always possible or reasonable to do so in case of gravitation water vortex power plants in cities. The „Cooperative Gravitation Water Vortex Power Plants Switzerland“ is globally leading in development, optimization, planning, finance and construction of gravitation water vortex power plants. It is also the partner network in the sectors of technology, ecology and economy, as well as in the sectors of permanent research and development, taking place in Switzerland. There are real chances that this innovative technology will be applied all over the world one day.

Dr. Bertrand Piccard is the godfather and partner of the first gravitation water vortex power plant in Schöftland.