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Nature as a teacher – this is how it works

Water is led to the rotation basin. Passing the central draining outlet in the middle of the basin’s bottom, it is set in a rotary motion. A slowly turning rotor with approximately 20 turns per minute is moved with the aid of gravity and altitude difference. This rotor drives the generator that produces natural electricity and delivers it into the elctricity network. The functional principle can be applied from a fall height of 0.7 m and an average amount of water of 1,000 liters per second. Therefore, it is very well suited for the usage of a small hydro. Slowly turning rotors that are permeable for flotsam up to 1.5 m length and 7.5 inches diameter are used.

There is no attrition because of cavitation as there is no big pressure difference in the area of the turbine. The technical equipment is a lot simpler than what traditional gravitation water vortex power plants have. Therefore, the maintenance and service costs are lower.