Visions, goals

Natural electricity generation belongs in the hands of our country’s citizens.

Visions – strategies

The “ Cooperative Gravitation Water Vortex Power Plant Switzerland“’s visions are clear: the population has to take part of the decentralized generation of CO2-free and renewable energy. In concrete terms, it wants to build and operate gravitation water vortex power plants all over Switzerland and operate as engineering parter abroad. International projects of gravitation water vortex power plants, such as decentralized generation of energy, should contribute to developing countries‘ and remote region’s wealth.


The goal for Switzerland as a worldwide centre of competence is to have a longterm, secure and efficient source of renewable energy using gravitation water vortex power plants together with nature. The „Cooperative Water Vortex Power Plant Switzerland“ will plan and build gravitation water vortex power plants with its partners at as many as possible and reasonable locations that have to be renaturated.